3 Insider Tips for the Hollywood Bowl

The music scene in Los Angeles is incredible, probably because are so many great options of concert venues, live music, and festivals. I went to the Jack Johnson concert last week at the Hollywood Bowl – it was my first Jack Johnson concert and my first trip to the iconic venue the Hollywood Bowl.

Jack Johnson with these fun people! Hollywood Bowl first visit!

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First of all, the Jack Johnson concert was great! We really had a good time, and since Jack Johnson is from the Los Angeles area, he seemed to really have a great time playing for the home town crowd and had a lot of friends and family in the audience. One of my favorite performers and concerts – it was just a lot of fun! 

Jack Johnson Live @Hollywood Bowl


Insider Tips Hollywood Bowl


The Hollywood Bowl is a fantastic venue! After seeing it so many times in movies and TV shows, it was fun to get there in person. A few insider tips go a long way to making your first experience there even better.

Tip 1:  Food (Bring your own)

First of all, bring your own food and drinks. Pack your picnic lunch, brie and cheese, popcorn, water, wine or whatever else you want in your cooler, (hopefully with wheels).  If you don’t bring your own food, there are several dining options inside the Hollywood Bowl.

Tip 2:  Get There Early

Like most other places in and around downtown Los Angeles and Hollywood, things are a little crowded! So getting there early will give you a chance to find a spot to set up on one of the benches or wherever you can grab a little space and throw a blanket down.

Famous Hollywood Bowl Searchlights

Tip 3:  Hollywood Bowl Parking:  

Just don’t do it!

Parking is extremely limited and they use stack parking, so that means no early exits and you are at the mercy of the people in front you in the stack to get to their car and leave.

Park and Ride

There are 13 Park & Ride locations around the city. The Park & Ride is a great option that will drop you off right in front of the entrance and then take you back to your vehicle after the event.

Rideshare and Taxi

If you don’t like the idea of using the Park and Ride, grab an Uber or Lyft and head towards the Hollywood Bowl area. Although there is a designated dropoff for rideshares and taxis at Lot B, traffic can be horrible getting in and out, so have the driver drop you off at a safe spot several blocks away before you hit major traffic. After the concert, walk a couple of blocks to get past the major traffic and then order your ride home.

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