Board Games at the Upstairs Gallery

Walk up the side driveway and it is the black door, too houses over from Benny’s Market, on the corner of Arlington and Sartori.

Games include:
• Pandemic
• Loonacy
• Fluxx
• Arkham Horror (PG13)
• Cards Against Humanity (adult themes)
• Exploding Kittens (adult themes)
• Joking Hazard (adult themes)

Please feel free to bring snacks and drinks to the event. I’m going to bring some cookies from Torrance Bakery.

Neighborhood: Torrance

Location: 809 Sartori Ave., Torrance, CA


Start Time: 1/13/2018 15:00:00

End Time: 1/13/2018 18:00:00

More Information:

Price: $0

Category: Social