Reddit Meetup: FREE: Mid Wilshire Board Game Night and maybe Karaoke next door after.

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W’re going to play board games and if everyone is up for it we’ll do some karaoke at the bar that’s right next door. Board games are from 7-11 after which the board game store closes but the bar stays open till 1, so sometimes (if there are enough people willing) we go sing karaoke next door afterwards. (note: You may not bring drinks from the bar to the board game store) If you’re <21Yo that's ok, but you can't go to the bar. Usually so many people go that every single one of their tables/chairs will be filled. people play board/card games but there will be a table or two for magic the gathering, and some even play D%26D. You can play any of their demo board games for fre$

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Neighborhood: Mid-Wilshire

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Start Time: 12/6/2017 19:00:00

End Time: 12/6/2017 23:00:00

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