Crossroads Lightsaber Tournament

Come join us on Saturday September 29th as 32 of the best saber fighters from Ohio, Michigan, Maryland, Tennessee, Virginia, and Minnesota come together to battle for regional championship in Crossroads – part of The Saber Legion’s national tournament series.
The event is hosted locally by the TSL Ohio Charter and Columbus Saber Academy. 

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Initial fights start at 12:00pm, with our final elimination rounds starting at 3:00pm.  Spectators of all ages are welcome – this is a family friendly event!  Come watch the action and interact with our fighters between matches.
In addition to the tournament, guests will enjoy musical performances from some of our local members, as well as exhibition matches from members of our juniors team.
Doors open at 12:00pm, and admission is only $5 per person.
Featured on ESPN, The Saber Legion is an international saber combat organization founded in May of 2015 out of Minnesota.  With over 400 active members across 40 states and 5 countries, The Saber Legion is dedicated to bring the best of LED saber combat to the world.  Visit for more info. #unitedthroughsabers
Recently featured in 614 Magazine, Columbus Saber Academy is a Worthington based business with a dedicated facility offering a structured training program in lightsaber combat techniques from both eastern and western martial arts.  Youth and adult classes are offered throughout the week – visit for more info. #fromlightsteel


Click here for tickets and more event information.

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