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Welcome to the DDUX Events!

DDUX Events app helps you personalize and customize the information you get online to help you find events, activities, things to do near you. You can decide what type of things to discover – all personalized into a single social media like feed, separate feeds, list view or map view – your choice!

There are over 700 individual feeds for you can follow based on city and topic. We are currently covering over 80 cities and have 9 specific topics.

DDUX Events
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You will be able to further personalize your feeds with your own topics to help you see only the events, venues and performers that you care about.


Why Another Events App?

There are a number of events websites and apps already – so why build another one?  We want you to to have the ultimate personal events feed.  You don’t need a secret algorithm to dictate what shows up in your feed.  Other sites make their money from the event organizer or your social media network and we just just want to help you find fun things to do!  We built our system from the ground up to be focused on what you want.   You can find events, farmer’s markets, festivals, concerts, live music, activities to do, classes to take and more.

You can also find deals, discounts and coupons!  We help you save a few bucks while doing what you love!

Lets See What’s Next!

Click on one of the icons below and enjoy exploring whats happening near you today.  You can explore the different topics or pick a different city and browse the local activities and find something fun to do this weekend!

Event App Topics

Events MUSIC

               Events Family                   Events Sports

           Music                                            Family                                                 Sports

Events Food & Drink                   Events Fashion                    Events Health & Fitness

   Food & Drinks                                       Fashion                                      Health & Fitness

Events Business                   Events Spirituality                     Events Science & Technology
        Business                                        Spirituality                                Science & Technology

DDUX Events also gives you locals tips to make your experiences more enjoyable.

We are pulling information from many different sites across the internet and you can access them all in one place.  More sources are being added every week! .

Please help us get any and all feedback you might have – please sign up to be a beta tester of our product today!