International Museum of Surgical Science

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The International Museum of Surgical Science (IMSS) does not show up on your normal Chicago Museums tour guide!  Users of the DDUX Events App are always in search of different things to do and therefore the IMSS caught my eye.   If you are interested in the history of medicine, certainly spend some time exploring their exhibits, artifacts and collection of more than 600 pieces of medical art.


Chicago Gold Coast Neighborhood

The IMSS is in the Gold Coast neighborhood of Chicago.  The Museum is a great place to visit to learn about the history of medicine, the human body and most noteworthy, medical art.  Some of its more than 7,000 medical items include:

  • An amputation saw
  • Original X-rays ever taken
  • Trephined skulls (skulls with bore holes on the human head) from ancient Peru
  • 600+ paintings and sculptures depicting surgical procedures or events and more.

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The Museum holds special events like the performance by Megan Wells, which is the story of Florence Nightingale and some of her experiences during the Crimean War.

International Museum of Surgical Science

Tips on visiting the IMSS

Find more tips on visiting the IMSS here and you can follow the IMSS on Facebook and Twitter.

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